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Luggage & Bag

American Tourister

American Tourister offers a diverse selection of luggage options to suit different travel needs. Their product range includes suitcases, carry-on bags, duffel bags, backpacks, laptop bags, and travel accessories such as toiletry kits and travel pillows. They provide options for both leisure travelers and business professionals.

Mon - Sun : 10AM - 11PM

Ground Floor

Food & Beverage

Madras Coffee House

At Madras Coffee House, tradition and emotion blend in every sip of our authentic South Indian filter coffee. Since 2010, we've expanded to over 120 stores, spreading Madras' heritage across India. Join us on an enchanting voyage as we share the soul of Madras coffee with the world, inviting you to experience the vibrant spirit of our city with each brewing ceremony.

Mon - Sun : 11.00AM - 10.00PM

Fourth Floor


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