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Benefits of Investing in Mall Advertising

Shopping malls have a lot of walk ins from all walks of life. Advertising inside or outside shopping malls connects brands and consumers by creating a higher brand recall and increasing awareness of the brands. Having your advertisement in prime locations around the mall is a great way to get your brand seen and also drives traffic to your stores. We have a variety of advertising formats such as digital backlit boards, median banners, escalator branding, elevator branding, roll-up standees and more. We have the means to cater to whatever style of advertising the brands need.

What We Love About Malls

Majority of the traffic entering malls tend to notice the illuminated ads displayed throughout the mall and this is the perfect environment for brands to drive sales, increase traffic and fortify brand awareness. Every individual visiting malls spends anywhere between 2-4 hours which boosts the probability of consumers engaging with the brands. In this digital age, though online shopping has taken precedence over malls, millennials still prefer to shop at malls.

Why Advertise in Vivira Mall?

Customers who come to a mall are already in the buying mood and mall advertising just enhances the brands push for the customers to shop there. Vivira Mall is the perfect blend where fun, food, fashion and film all come under one roof and each brand’s advertisements can reach their intended target audience which eventually builds traffic to the store and drives sales for the brand.

Don’t Miss This Opportunity

A high traffic area with great impact for brands to drive traffic and increase engagement. Get in touch with us to get the perfect advertising solution for your brand.

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